Mejdy'narodnyi' nay'с'nyi' эlektronnyi' jy'rnal “Science” predstavli'aet soboi' peri'odi'с'eskoe ejekvartalnoe nay'с'noe i'zdani'e. Py'bli'katsi'i' na angli'i'skom, ry'sskom i' kazahskom i'azykah pri'ni'mai'y'tsi'a po vsem nay'с'nym napravleni'i'am, predstavlennym v jy'rnale v vi'de otdelnyh ry'bri'k. Nomera jy'rnala v formate *.exe vyhodi'at odi'n raz v mesi'ats i' razmeщai'y'tsi'a na sai'te.

    Retsenzi'rovani'em statei' zani'maetsi'a mejdy'narodnyi' redaktsi'onnyi' sovet i'z с'i'sla doktorov i' kandi'datov nay'k. K py'bli'katsi'i' pri'ni'mai'y'tsi'a stati', soderjaщi'e novye teoreti'с'eski'e i' prakti'с'eski'e nay'с'nye dannye po vsem nay'с'nym napravleni'i'am.


 cover500    Modern Science journal has been a leading source of science and technology news since its inception in 2013. Our site first came online in 2014 and today features up-to-the-minute news, gadget reviews, insightful commentary, and more. We aim to be your first stop for what’s new and what’s next.

  This journal provides a means for associations, institutions, centres, foundations, companies, and individuals concerned with science education to share perspectives, concerns, ideas, and information that will foster cooperative efforts to improve science education, and which will serve as a chronicle of the advancement of science education throughout the world

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